Mario Delmonego Ski Experience


Mario the fabulous ski instructor

Mario escorts ski trips in the Dolomites..designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.                                

After 18 years in the business, he has experienced almost everything. Mario is amongst the first to try out new runs and facilities and he visits the itineraries repetitively each season, every season.

He knows what he is doing.

Mario is a qualified Italian Ski Instructor (28 years).            

He understands your capabilities, can improve your skiing style and will ensure that your ski experiences are safe and enjoyable.

He is qualified.

Mario is married to a New Zealander.                                

Mario has a “Kiwi Attitude”, an antipodean sense of humour and speaks English (and Italian) fluently. He has lived and worked in New Zealand and is well known in the NZ ski industry.

He is multi-cultural.

Mario lives in Arabba in northern Italy…..

Mario has an in-depth knowledge of the ski runs, local weather patterns, where to go, what to do, and who to call. He has an extensive personal network that he can call upon to arrange virtually anything …and of course he speaks Italian, German and Fodom fluently.

He is an authentic local.

Mario is absolutely totally passionately mad about skiing.

When you run out of energy, Mario’s enthusiasm will ensure that everyone still has a great holiday

He makes things fun.

Address : Via Varda, Arabba, BL, 32020, Italy

Mobile: +39 347 275 8398


Photo copyright Ugo Visciani